Admissions at Mayslake Village

When the need arises, a specific building wait list will be reopened. Historically, a wait list for one building or more buildings will open on a designated day from 9:00 a.m. to noon. We announce these open application days on this website, in local newspapers, and on a recorded message at 630-214-1868. Notices are also posted throughout Mayslake Village.

The length a person stays on the wait list varies depending on the building. Currently our longest wait lists are for the HUD subsidized apartments in the Manor, Villas, Wings II and Annex II buildings. The wait time for a person on these wait lists is typically one to two years.

Our shortest wait list is for the Villas unsubsidized apartments and is typically less than one year.   The rent is not as sensitive to an individual’s income as the Manor, Villas Section 8 units, Wings II and Annex II buildings.  Annual income of $29,700 is required for the Villas unsubsidized apartments. Our Cloister Courts townhome-style apartments total 48, with (16) sixteen each of the one, two and three bedroom units. The wait list for the one-bedroom is approximately five to seven years, the two-bedroom three to four years and the three-bedroom two to three years.   Feel free to browse the rest of this website to see if you meet the HUD guidelines and if the apartments we offer will meet your needs. Click  here to read more about our admissions at Mayslake Village.

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Providing affordable housing for the well elderly Mayslake Village allows each of our 600+ residents independence, dignity & a caring environment Mayslake Village has been a leader in
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